Having your say


Making submissions – telling the party and us your views

You can send a submission on party policy by emailing the appropriate policy commission. You can send a submission as an individual member, local party (branch or CLP) or other group.

Britain in the World pip3.britainintheworld@labour.org.uk

Creating Sustainable Communities pip3.communities@labour.org.uk

Crime, Justice, Citizenship pip3.crimejustice@labour.org.uk

Education and Skills pip3.education@labour.org.uk

Health pip3.health@labour.org.uk

Prosperity and Work pip3.prosperity@labour.org.uk

And don’t forget to send us a copy as well – you can email it to submission@npf-se.org.uk

If you are organising a policy discussion, we’d like to be there. We can help you facilitate the meeting, speak on an issue or just come to listen. Contact us to send us an invitation.

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