Labour policies – what should they be?

We’ve put some questions on this website and we’d like to hear your views on the main policy issues facing the country. You can use these questions as the basis for discussions in your own local party or send us your own views. Please tell us what you think.

For questions on Education, click here.

For questions on Health, click here.

For questions on Economic Policy, click here.

For questions on Welfare Reform, click here.

For questions on Constitutional Reform, click here.


If you are organising a policy discussion, we’d like to be there. We can help you facilitate the meeting, speak on an issue or just come to listen. Contact us to send us an invitation.


Labour’s 5 point plan for growth

Tory cuts are running the economy, as they drive Britain into recession again. Bank of England governor Mervyn King says the recovery is off track. Over 1 million people are unemployed. We need another way, and at Conference 2011, Ed Balls announced a 5 point plan for growth.

  •  Repeating the bank bonus tax – and using “the money to build 25,000 affordable homes and guarantee a job for 100,000 young people”
  • Bringing forward long-term investment projects, such as schools, roads and transport, to create jobs
  • Reversing January’s “damaging” VAT rise now for a temporary period
  • Immediate one-year cut in VAT to 5% on home improvements, repairs and maintenance
  • One-year national insurance tax break “for every small firm which takes on extra workers, using the money left over from the government’s failed national insurance rebate for new businesses”


Cutting tuition fees

Ed Miliband has announced that the next Labour government will cut tuition fees to £6,000 – this is £3,000 less than the Tory and Lib Dem maximum. It will be paid for by making graduates earning more than £65,000 a year pay a higher rate of interest and by revoking a corporation tax cut that the Tories gave to the banks.

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