Agricultural workers will be properly protected through work at sectoral level.

Those facing terminal illness will receive the support they need to keep working without unfair treatment, and we will sort out problems with Personal Independence Payment system.

Public sector procurement will increase employment opportunities for disabled people.

Benefits sanctions must be fair and transparent, with the right to appeal and no actions should leave people destitute.

Review of best way to support benefit claimants facing financial or other emergencies

Employment tribunals will be reformed to give proper access to justice for all and much faster decisions

Ban on use of unfair practices such as exploitative zero hours contracts and bogus self-employment

Minimum Wage will increase substantially so it gets closer to average earnings. Listed companies will have to report whether or not they pay the Living Wage, and government contracts will be used to increase payment of the living wage

Benefits sanctions must be fair and transparent, with the right to appeal and no actions should leave people destitute.

A long term industrial strategy to raise productivity and create jobs based on science and sustainability

Ensure UK interests are properly co-ordinated and represented within EU science priorities

Science policy should raise the percentage of GDP spent on research, and business and universities should be incentivised to share research. Government procurement should put an emphasis on innovation

Make Information and Consultation on workplace changes more meaningful and widespread, and give stronger roles to employees in the workplace



All schools to have fair admissions policy and local authorities will have power to direct schools to admit hard-to-place and vulnerable children.

Free Schools programme to end, and existing free schools to become part of local family of schools – must collaborate with local schools, follow admissions’ code, ensure teachers are or becoming qualified and play their part in educating hard-to-place children

Local Directors of School Standards to oversee all schools (*regardless of structure) and governing bodies of all schools should have significant numbers of local community representatives. Local authorities will decide on commissioning of schools of all structures, and will once again be able to open new community (LA) schools. All schools must be accountable to local community and parents.

Private schools will be assessed rigorously to ensure charitable status is justified by what they do

High quality youth service in every local authority area, and strengthen independent careers advice in schools

Sex and Relationship Education mandatory in all publically funded schools, and changes to citizenship education to give more information on politics

Provision for literacy and numeracy classes for people of all ages

Higher education funding should move away from increasing fees and student debt

Where there is a need for new school buildings, that need will be met.

Support for local authorities wishing to look at free school meals for all primary school pupils and encourage more breakfast clubs

All teachers in state funded schools will have, or be working towards, Qualified Teacher Status. Regular teacher professional development and revalidation.

More support for Sure Start

Children protected from sexual exploitation and FGM.



Increased accessibility for public transport in new contracts

Encourage more smart ticketing across all public transport in an area

Measures to address cruelty in puppy and kitten farms, and an animal welfare manifesto

Gun licence fees may be raised to end their subsidy

Make it easier for local authorities to implement Quality Contracts to improve and integrate bus services

All consumer or taxpayer funded scheme must be as energy-reducing and cost-effective as possible, to increase energy efficiency, with incentives to train young people as energy saving and low-carbon technicians

Supporting different types of energy generation, including mutual and municipal models, and support more community-owned renewable energy schemes delivering energy to local homes and businesses

Improve resilience of public transport so there is less disruption in bad weather, and recognition that solution is needed to problems in West Country

Regional transport decisions will be devolved to regional and local bodies to integrate trains, buses and trams, as well as roads. Passengers and staff will have a real say

Shale gas use will not be allowed to break climate change commitments and fracking will only happen if it is in a robust, safe and environmentally sustainable environment. The Coalition granting of tax breaks to frackers makes no sense.

Improved access to and quality of local green spaces, and encouragement of creation of habitats to improve biodiversity


  • Review the failed franchising process and legislate to allow a public sector operator that can take on lines and compete with train operators
  • Increase passenger and employee involvement through co-operative principles
  • Devolve decisions on rail structure to Wales and Scotland
  • Create new “guiding mind” for rail, combining Network Rail and a passenger representative body
  • Cap annual fare rises on all routes, simplify fare structures and create a legal right to the lowest fare



Britain to lead internationally to encourage international agreement to reduce flow of arms to repressive regimes and unstable areas

The NHS and public services should not be included in TTIP. Any trade deal between the EU and US should not bring a race to the bottom. ISDS needs reform.

Labour will support and promote women’s and LGBT rights worldwide

Labour recognises that illegal settlements in the West Bank are key obstacles to conflict resolution. There should be transparent labelling of products and we will not support or encourage any investment or financial activities within illegal settlements. We support an immediate end to the blockade of Gaza.

Strong support for reform of the UN Security Council, based on 2005 report – meaning permanent seats for Brazil, India, Germany and Japan and permanent African representation.

Create a military credit union for armed forces families


  • The 2013 Trident Alternatives Review said a continuous at-sea deterrent is needed and evidence would be needed to change this view
  • Labour will work to build momentum for global nuclear disarmament, and work with the US and France to advance Global Zero, seeking to advance an action plan of elimination of all nuclear weapons
  • The next strategic defence review in 2015 needs to be open, transparent and inclusive, and review all capabilities, including nuclear.



Review of hospital car parking charges

As well as repealing the Coalition act, competition law will be taken out of the NHS. All trusts will be accountable to the public.

Introduce waiting time and access standards for mental health services, and proper resources mental health services for children.

Minimum standards for social care eligibility, increased support for carers and the role of local authorities

Initiatives and measures introduced to reduce smoking, excess alcohol consumption, excessive sugar, salt and fat in food- with regulation where appropriate.

Freedom of Information will cover all organisations delivering public sector contracts.

More effective regulation of public and private health care providers.

Democratic Health and Wellbeing boards to have more powers



British Investment Bank will have sufficient capital and power to support businesses and infrastructure in all regions.

Strong and independent financial services regulator

Labour will continue to campaign for an international Financial Transaction Tax covering major financial centres

Introduce cap on total cost of credit, and local authorities will be able to limit payday lenders on high streets. A levy on payday lenders will be used to support credit unions

There will be a crackdown on empty home tax loopholes and councils will have powers to crack down to buy-to-leave (empty) homes.

Individuals and businesses should pay tax in the countries they earn it.

HMRC resources will be redeployed to tackle tax avoidance.

Need to tackle wealth inequality



Wales will move to reserved powers model.

Pilot of election day voter registration, election on alternate days, voting in advance of election day and electronic voting.

Young people will have a say in how their services are run

Freedom of Information legislation will apply to any significant provider of public services

Elected second chamber to replace the House of Lords and the end to hereditary peers

Improve citizenship education, and have compulsory Sex and Relationship education in all publicly funded schools (including faith schools)

A statement on the importance of Disabled Students’ Allowance: ‘Labour recognises the importance of the DSA to students across the country, and in government, we will make sure that all disabled children and young people are supported to access the high quality education they deserve’.



For every home sold under Right to Buy, a additional home for social rent must be built. The “Affordable Rent” tenure cannot continue.

Reform Housing Revenue Account to make it easier for councils to build the maximum number of new homes – no more cap on HRA. Communities will receive larger share of gains from developments. Help councils and retailers to create more homes in space above shops.

Whole model of local government finance will be reviewed and changed – including council tax.

Fair funding for Fire and Rescue services – private landlords to fit smoke alarms – investigate use of sprinkler systems in social housing to protect most vulnerable

Councils should not use bailiffs to collect council tax arrears -no more retaliatory evictions

Double the council tax paid on homes left empty for long periods and close loopholes. Local government funding will also be reviewed and changed, including a review of council tax.

Councils to have right to create new local “use classes” for buildings so that they can require planning permission for certain changes of use

Review Police and Crime Commissioner roles and assess need for reform

Rights for tenants to have longer term lets with predictable rents, set up a mandatory national register of private landlords and make it easier for councils to introduce licensing schemes. Encourage new build or newly converted flats to be on shared freehold or commonhold basis

Young offenders should be given opportunity to feel they have a stake in society

Work with local authorities to increase supply of affordable housing in areas where there are a lot of holiday lets and second homes.

Local authorities to keep more business rate income to spend on local priorities; will encourage requests to establish more unitary authorities; more empowerment of good residents’ associations that have approved governance, engagement and transparency – plus other groups such as elderly community groups, gypsy/traveller groups, disabled, LGBT and youth groups

Support and encourage “insourcing” – in-house provision of more services in local government

Encourage development of community marketing co-ops in tourism

Accessible and fair system of legal aid




  • PETER HORITZ  On September 19, 2014 at 6:13 pm

    This Summary of the NPF Report to Conference shows well thought out policies and provides us with a real chance of winning next May.


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