The housing crisis: house building and a private rented sector that works for Britain’s families

You can see the full challenge paper here – housing, and the summary of the NPF discussions at Aston is here – Stronger communities.

Conference in September will debate the issue and confirm final policy.


Prior to the Aston meeting of the NPF, the Stronger, Safer Communities Commission had put out a first draft and then a revised “challenge document” – a short document outlining the main issues for this priority issue set by Annual Conference.

The main challenges Labour has to deal with were identified as:

  • there is a massive shortage of housing, and construction is not keeping up
  • housing costs in all sectors are becoming unaffordable
  • should Labour change the planning system to increase incentives to build more houses
  • should Labour expand voluntary accreditation for letting agents, or look at new ways to regulate agents?

After the final NPF meeting at Aston in June 2013, the conclusions agreed were:

  • we should look at changes to planning system to incentivise house building, but also find ways to tackle land banking
  • voluntary accreditation of letting agents has failed, and we should look at ways to regulate
  • housing revenue account borrowing caps prevent local authorities building more affordable homes
  • tenants need more security of tenure in order to make renting more attractive
  • house building should be a high priority for the manifesto

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