Britain’s role in Global Development

You can see the full challenge paper here – Britain’s role, and the summary of the NPF discussions at Aston is here – Britains Global Role.

Conference in September will debate the issue and confirm final policy.


Prior to the Aston meeting of the NPF, the Britain’s Global Role Commission had put out a first draft and then a revised “challenge document” – a short document outlining the main issues for this priority issue set by Annual Conference.

The main challenges Labour has to deal with were identified as:

  • the Millennium Development goals were successful, but they have now ended and we need a new framework to maintain momentum
  • global recession challenges funding for development goals
  • inequality and injustice, corruption and war, extreme poverty, lack of human rights, disease and environmental problems still cause huge problems
  • Should new goals focus on reducing extreme poverty (extension of the Millennium Development Goals), or be expanded to include other factors?
  • should accountability and delivery mechanisms only apply to developing countries, or also to all countries, civil society and the private sector?

After the final NPF meeting at Aston in June 2013, the conclusions agreed were:

  • we need to build public support for the 0.7% aid target
  • new goals should include more focus on human and minority rights
  • the MDGs need to be replaced by a framework that expands the goals, and that include accountability for all actors
  • sustainability targets need to be integrated as well

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