Our Buses and Railways: Giving Communities more of a say

You can see the full challenge paper here – buses, and the summary of the NPF discussions at Aston is here – Living Standards.

Conference in September will debate the issue and confirm final policy.


Prior to the Aston meeting of the NPF, the Living Standards and Sustainability Commission had put out a first draft and then a revised “challenge document” – a short document outlining the main issues for this priority issue set by Annual Conference.

The main challenges Labour has to deal with were identified as:

  • the need for greater accountability and control over local transport services
  • increased integration of local bus and rail services
  • Ensuring local transport remains affordable
  • Creating an integrated transport network for effective and sustainable door-to-door services

After the final NPF meeting at Aston in June 2013, the conclusions agreed were:

  • local transport should have democratically accountable transport authorities, but with strategic decisions made at regional or sub-national levels
  • these authorities should be encouraged to re-regulate bus services, with funding that supports rather than frustrates authorities that want to improve services

We know that many members think that restoring public ownership of the railways is a high priority, taking franchises back into public ownership when they come up for renewal. This issue has not been discussed this year, so we encourage conference delegates to vote for this as a priority issue for 2013/14 – and CLPs could also make submissions on this point on the Your Britain website – click here for the relevant page.

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