Policy Cycle 2012-2013

Thank you for all your comments and submissions to the National Policy Forum debates over the past six months. As you may know, the policy process was changed after a vote at Annual Conference last year, so that each year the NPF spends most of its time working on a few priority issues set by Conference. A lot of party members and NPF reps suggested this change, as the previous process covered an enormous range of issues, but with little depth to the discussions.

So Conference voted for a list of priority issues last year, and those subjects made up the documents that CLPs and the NPF have discussed this year. The NPF met at Aston University last month to finalise documents taking submissions into account. To keep this report brief, our website has a page for each priority issues, where you can see a summary of the issues and conclusions – plus the full documents for anyone who wants to look in more detail. Here are the links to each page:

Our Buses and Railways: Giving Communities more of a say

A British Investment Bank

Tax avoidance: Tax havens

Childcare: What matters to parents and children

Young people and politics: making a fresh start

Protecting workers, including the role of agency workers, the Living Wage and the Gangmasters Licensing Authority

Vocational education, apprenticeships and the role of job guarantees in tackling youth unemployment

Britain’s role in Global Development

21st Century NHS and Social Care : Delivering Integration

The housing crisis: house building and a private rented sector that works for Britain’s families

Each Commission will present its annual report at Conference and the final documents on the issues above will be debated and agreed. So we hope these pages will be especially useful for those who are going to Conference.

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