The Coalition – Hurting families and the vulnerable

The Coalition – hurting families and those who need help


Child Trust Funds scrapped. Child benefit frozen for everyone, but also scrapped for millions of families.

Housing benefit budget cut by 8% – The cuts in housing benefits will drive almost a million people into poverty, losing £12pw. 170,000 pensioners, 240,000 low paid workers, 500,000 others. Unemployed will have to find extra £11pw when their job seekers’ allowance is £65pw. Helen Williams of the National Housing Federation said – “There’s a real risk that these cuts will push hundreds of thousands of people into poverty, debt and even onto the streets.”

Working family tax credit will be frozen for three years for families earning up to £20,000 and people earning up to £11,000 with no children. Child care subsidies will be cut.

Boris Johnson says cuts to housing benefit to encourage families to move to cheaper areas is like ethnic cleansing.


500,000 disabled living allowance claimants will have benefits cut by £70 per week

Winter fuel allowances and cold weather payments cut.

Charities say that scrapping mobility payments of up to £50pw for severely disabled people mean that 80,000 people will be imprisoned in their homes. The money is used to provide transport to see family or friends, or to transport children for teir education.

Pensions for disabled servicemen and war widows slashed, as they are now linked to CPI rather than RPI.


VAT rise from 17.5% to 20% costs most households hundreds of pounds a year.

National Insurance for employees will go up – but companies won’t have to pay more. Corporation tax is being cut.


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