Final NPF Report to be debated at Conference

Annual Conference starts this weekend, and debates will focus on the report of the National Policy Forum. We would like to thank all the local parties and members who sent in submissions and amendments to the draft documents issued in the Spring.

The NPF met in Milton Keynes in July and as reps we took forward many of those amendments. The focus on key subjects meant we had time to discuss issues properly and consensus was reached on all the issues.

Now the final, revised documents have been published and they will be debated and hopefully agreed at Conference. We think the consensus reached by all parts of the NPF – reps of local and regional parties, the unions and socialist societies as well as MPs, MEPs and councillors is a real first. Some long standing policy debates have reached consensus, including agreeing:

  • a public rail operator to bid for franchises
  • more council house building
  • every home sold under Right to Buy must be replaced with a new council home
  • free schools to join the local authority family
  • a full and transparent review of all defence needs, including Trident

The final documents (in a single report) are available NPF Report 2014 to Annual Conference – but if you want a shorter guide, here is a shorter summary of the changes made as a  result of the work by all the reps representing local parties and your own submissions.

We hope your CLP delegates will support the report at Conference, and making it the basis of our 2015 General Election Manifesto. Please pass on this email to your conference delegates as well.

And if you are at Conference, we will be there to answer any questions your delegates have.

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