Thank you

Dear colleagues,
We would all like to thank you for our support during the NPF elections. The results were announced yesterday and we are pleased to say that we were all elected.
We look forward to continuing to work hard to represent your views over the coming two years – together we have to develop the policies to win the next elections and to undo the terrible damage being done by the Tories. At the weekend the NPF discussed the new policy documents and they will be revised in time to be discussed at Conference – but

please do still continue to add your comments to the document online (sending us copies too) over the coming couple of weeks. The documents will be re-drafted and signed off by the policy commissions and the Joint Policy Committee which meets in the second week of July.

At the NPF meeting the party leadership did acknowledge again that if they had listened to party members more in government, they would have had better policies on council house building, on workers rights and other issues. Jon Cruddas is now heading up the shadow cabinet’s work on policy and he made a very candid speech on the need for policies that are more radical and that address the problems so many people face. The mood at the NPF meeting was very positive and united – and we will send a report shortly with details of what was discussed, so we can get your views.
Thank you again for your support. If you want to speak to us, want more information or would like one of us to come to a local meeting, please get in touch. Our website has our contact details and also more information on Labour and Coalition policy as well as the various NPF discussion documents and details on how and where to send submissions.
Simon Burgess, Helena Dollimore, Deborah Gardiner, Karen Landles and Martin Phillips
South East Constituency Reps
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