Monthly Archives: January 2012

Police cuts start to bite in SE

Police forces in the SE have (with the exception of Surrey, cut the numbers of police officers, PCSOs and other staff. S0 much for the Tories being the party of law and order! Here are the figures for each force for the change between September 2010 and September 2011: Hampshire – police officers down 2.9%, [...]

NPF consultation documents

Here are the consultation policy documents issued by the party. For each document there is also a discussion guide. Click on the link to open the PDF file. Towards a new economy discussion guide Towards a New Economy Restoring Responsibility, Strengthening Our Communities Restoring responsibility discussion guide Fulfilling the promise of Britain Fulfilling promise of [...]

Labour to tackle high pay and tax dodging

This month Labour announced new policies that will aim to bring more fairness into our society. A future Labour government will implement in full the recommendations of the High Pay Commission, including: Employees will serve on the committees that decide director pay for large companies Publication of executive pay packages for the top 10 executives in [...]

Tax and bills costs families an extra £5 a day

Between January and December 2011, the rising cost of living under the Coalition has meant the average family is paying nearly £5 A DAY more. did the research for the Tory paper the Daily Telegraph, and reported middle-income households will pay: An extra £900 a year for energy, food and water An extra £750 to make [...]

Coalition MP hypocrisy

Tory and Lib Dem MPs vote for Coalition cuts – but when it comes to their own constituencies, then they change their tune. All of these MPs are opposing cuts that are happening because of their own government policies. Lib Dem Children’s Minister Sarah Teather is opposing library cuts in Brent Jeremy Browne is attacking cuts in [...]