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Final NPF Report to be debated at Conference

Annual Conference starts this weekend, and debates will focus on the report of the National Policy Forum. We would like to thank all the local parties and members who sent in submissions and amendments to the draft documents issued in the Spring. The NPF met in Milton Keynes in July and as reps we took [...]

Six new policy discussion documents

Sustainable Communities Prosperity and Work Health Education and Skills Crime Justice Citizenship Equalities Britain in the World Earlier this year we circulated some policy discussion documents. Those documents did not cover all policy areas. Now each of the party’s policy commissions has issued a draft document that reports on the work done so far and [...]

Rural post offices to be downgraded

The Daily Telegraph has reported that the government will close up to 2,000 rural post offices – and the post offices will be replaced by limited services offered in petrol stations and shops. The offices will no longer offer car tax, driving licences, large overseas parcel services and cash withdrawls. These “Post Office Locals” have [...]